Accomplished under 40 Award Winner

Accomplished under 40 Award Winner

Congratulations to our Marketing Director, Mara McCloskey-Becker, for receiving the Accomplished under 40 Award – made possible by Cascade Business News and presented by US Bank.

Accomplished under 40 award winners are selected for their outstanding professional accomplishments, coupled with their extraordinary community involvement and unique leadership skills.

Meet our Accomplished under 40 Winner

Professional Accomplishments:

Most of Mara’s professional background has been in video and audio production, where she’s worked in television, radio & musical theater. Mara’s tenacity to advance her creative and analytical skills eventually earned her a new career opportunity in Marketing. Today, Mara is the Marketing Director for Central Oregon’s largest locally owned and operated business telephone & Internet provider, BendTel, Inc.

Civic, Industry & Community Involvement:

Mara’s compassion to empower others and to build a strong sense of community led her to Saving Grace where she volunteers as a support group facilitator for survivors of domestic violence.  She also volunteers for Cascades Theatrical Company, Bend YP’s Summit Committee and is an elected official and board member for the Laidlaw Water District in Tumalo.

Specific Characteristics that Distinguishes Them from Their Peers:

Mara’s courage and determination to overcome challenges while working collectively with others makes her a valued member of the BendTel team. Her outgoing personality and excitement for engaging customers and coworkers have generated impressive sales and enhanced BendTel’s culture considerably. She’s always developing new and innovative ways to reach customers and to help streamline BendTel’s businesses processes and procedures.

Business Leadership Philosophy:

Mara’s good-humored and engaging personality preservers through challenging times and employs the trust and respect of others. BendTel appreciates her commitment to our company’s core values and goals and admire her ability to seamlessly collaborate with other departments (sales, technical, billing) which has contributed greatly to our business’s success.

Originally published in Cascade Business News on 10/7/20

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