Conference Module

bHosted Managed Voice by BendTel

About the Conference Module

The Conferences Module is used to create a single extension number that your users can dial so that they can talk to each other in a conference call. It also creates a destination to which you can send calls so that they can participate in the conference call. For example, you could create a Conference that will allow your local phones to dial 800, and then enter into a conference call.


Logging In

  • From the top menu click Applications
  • In the drop down click Conferences

Conference Features…

Admin PIN

Optional unless the “leader wait” option is in use – Enter a PIN number for the admin user. When a user enters this PIN, he/she will be identified as the conference leader.

Allow Menu

Yes/No – Whether to present a menu (user or admin) when ‘*’ is received (‘send’ to menu)

Conference Name

Give this conference a brief name to help you identify it.

Conference Number

Use this number to dial into the conference.

Creating a Conference Room

  • Click the Add button.
  • Fill in the information on the form.

Join Message

Message to be played to the caller before joining the conference. Default = none. The drop-down menu allows you to select a recording that has been created in the System Recordings module.

Leader Wait

Yes/No – Whether to wait until the conference leader (admin user) arrives before starting the conference.

Maximum Participants

Enter the maximum number of users allowed to join this conference. Enter “0” for unlimited.

Music on Hold

Yes/No – Whether to enable Music On Hold when the conference has a single caller.

Music on Hold Class

Select the music (or Commercial) played to the caller while they wait for the conference to start. Choose “inherit” if you want the MoH class to be what is currently selected, such as by the inbound route. This music is defined in the Music on Hold module.

Mute on Join

Yes/No – Whether to mute everyone when they initially join the conference. Please note that if you do not have “Leader Wait” set to “Yes,” you will need to have “Allow Menu” set to “Yes” to be able to un-mute yourself.

Quiet Mode

Yes/No – Whether to use quiet mode. If quiet mode is enabled, enter/leave sounds will not be played.

Record Conference

Yes/No – Whether to record the conference call.

Talker Detection

Yes/No – Whether to use talker detection. With talker detection, Asterisk will send events on the Manager Interface identifying the channel that is talking. The talker will also be identified on the output of the meetme list CLI command.

Talker Optimization

Yes/No – Whether to use talker optimization. With talker optimization, Asterisk treats talkers who are not speaking as being muted. This means that no encoding is done on transmission, and that received audio that is not registered as talking is omitted, preventing buildup in background noise.

User Count

Yes/No – Whether to announce the user count to a user who joins the conference.

User PIN

Optional – You can require callers to enter a password before they can enter this conference. If either PIN is entered, the user will be prompted to enter a PIN. The user PIN should be different from the admin PIN.

User Join/Leave

Yes/No – Whether to announce user join/leave. If this option is enabled, all users will be asked to say their name before they join the conference, and their name will be then announced when they join the conference.