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How to Know a New Voicemail is Available

The phone alerts you of new voicemail messages on your screen, with a flashing light, and with a special dial tone.

Icon and Message on Screen
  • If a new voicemail is available in your inbox, the phone will display the voicemail icon´┐╝ at the top of the screen. The quantity of new voicemails will also show in an alert message near the bottom of the screen.
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) Light
  • The message waiting indicator light at the top right corner of the phone will flash.
Dial Tone
  • Your dial tone will be a series of short bursts followed by a steady tone, instead of only a steady tone.

How to Check your Voicemails

You can use the voicemail button or dial a feature code.

Voicemail Button
  • You can press the ´┐╝voicemail button on your phone any time to check your voicemails.
Feature Codes

Dial one of the following feature codes to access voicemail. The feature codes below are the default feature codes.

  • *97: Access your own voicemail.
  • *98: Access your voicemail or another extension’s voicemail. You will be prompted to enter a mailbox number.

For instructions on managing your voicemail greetings: click here.

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