bHosted Support

Explore the features and functions of bHosted

Using Your bHosted Handset

Park & transfer calls, interact with voicemail, and more.

User Control Panel Guide

bHosted Advanced Users: Manage your extension remotely, via the web-based bHosted dashboard.

bHosted Admin User Guide

Manage your system-wide settings. Set up holiday or alternate auto attendant greetings, enable night mode/away mode, etc.

BendTel Logo
  • Bend Oregon OfficeBendTel Inc.
  • 130 NW Greenwood Ave
  • Bend, OR 97703
  • Phone: (541) 389-4020

  • Portland Oregon OfficeBTL Northwest
  • 4243 SE International Way, C
  • Portland, OR 97222
  • Phone: (503) 794-7690

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