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Important settings to make your web hosting work properly.

Web Hosting

If your website is hosted by BendTel’s web hosting services, below are important settings to make your web hosting work properly.

Authoritative Name Servers

If your domain name is registered through a provider other then BendTel (eg., your domain is registered with Network Solutins, GoDaddy,, etc) and you are using BendTel’s DNS hosting, provide your registrar with the following authoritative name servers for your domain:


DNS Settings

If your DNS is hosted with a provider other than BendTel, and your website and email services are hosted by BendTel, configure your DNS with the following settings (replace with your actual domain name):

BendTel CPanel Hosting
Record Record Type Content A MX A A
BendTel Legacy Hosting
Record Record Type Content A MX A A

For CPanel hosting Customers, you can log into your CPanel at You can then manage users, DNS settings, databases, ftp access, email accounts,and more from the CPanel interface. Additional cPanel® documentation can be found here: cPanel® User Guides

For BendTel Legacy Hosting customers, you can upload content to your website with ftp at Managment of DNS settings for domains on BendTel’s DNS is available at Email Domain administration is available at Please contact BendTel support for logon information.

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