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Speakerphone Overview

Your phone’s speakerphone allows for a hands-free 2-way conversation. Speakerphone is the “default” audio mode unless you are using a handset or headset.


Activate / Deactivate Speakerphone Manually

At any time, you can activate/deactivate the speakerphone by pressing the speaker button. Think of this as taking the speakerphone “off-hook” or hanging it up (like a handset). If the speakerphone is in use, the speaker button will be lit and a speaker icon will appear on the screen.

  • If you activate the speakerphone while the phone is idle, you will be presented with a dial tone.
  • If you are on an active call using the speakerphone, and you deactivate the speakerphone, you will hang up the call.

Automatic Speakerphone Activation

Assuming you are not using a handset, and the phone is not in headset mode:

  • If you place a call, either by dialing a number or by selecting a number from the contact list or call history, the call will be made in speakerphone mode.
  • If you press the Answer soft key during an incoming call, the call will be answered in speakerphone mode.
  • Incoming page/intercom messages will be played over the speaker.

Adjusting the Speakerphone Volume

  • While the speakerphone is active (in-use), press the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the volume.
  • The new volume setting will persist for future speakerphone calls unless you change it again.

Muting the Microphone

  • To mute your microphone while on an active call, so that the other party cannot hear you, press the mute button.
  • Press the mute button again to un-mute the microphone.

Switching from Speakerphone Mode to Another Mode During a Call

  • Speakerphone to Handset: Pick up the handset.
  • Speakerphone to Headset: Press the headset button.

Switching from Another Mode to Speakerphone Mode During a Call

  • Press the speaker button.