Answering a Phone Call

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Answer Using Your Handset

  • Pick up the handset.

Answer Using Speakerphone

  • Press the speaker button.

Answer Using Your Headset

Headset mode is enabled/disabled by pressing the headset button. If the phone is in headset mode, it will display a headset icon and a text alert on the home screen.

  • If the phone is not in headset mode: Press the headset button.
  • If the phone is in headset mode: Either press the headset button on the phone, or the button on the headset itself.

Using the Answer Soft Key

Pressing the Answer soft key during an incoming call will answer the call using the handset, speakerphone, or headset depending on what mode the phone is in.

  • If the handset is currently off-hook with a dial tone, it answers via the handset. (Not a common situation.)
  • Otherwise, it will answer via the headset if headset mode is enabled, or via the speakerphone if headset mode is disabled.
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