Answering a Phone Call

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About Answering Calls

You may answer an incoming call in any of several ways depending on how you prefer to operate your phone: via handset, speaker, or a headset.


Answering Options

  • Via Handset – Simply pick up the handset.
  • Via Speakerphone –Press the speaker button.
  • Via Headset –With headset mode active, press either the headset button on the phone, or the button on your actual headset.
    • To verify whether headset mode is active: Look for the headset icon and text alert on your phone's home screen.
    • You can activate or deactivate headset mode by pressing the headset button.

Using the Answer Soft Key

Pressing the Answer soft key during an incoming call will answer the call using the speakerphone unless headset mode is enabled or the handset is off-hook.

(Pressing the Answer soft key with headset mode enabled will answer via the headset.)