Zulu UC Module

bHosted Managed Voice by BendTel

Zulu UC Desktop Integration streamlines your desktop phone with popular business communication tools & applications:

  • Click-to-call from within browsers or applications.
  • Example: Click a phone number stored in Microsoft Outlook and your phone will automatically dial it for you. You can also click-to-dial from other software applications, and from websites.
  • Send & receive SMS (text) messages and faxes directly from your desktop.
  • Control your Presence Status which will update your status on all your devices.
  • Flexible Calling Options – generate a phone call from either the client on your desktop or your desk phone.
  • Great for mobile users who come and go from their workstation.

In order to use the Zulu module, you must first install the application on your desktop. Please find instructions under bHosted Admin Support.