Unified Caller ID

bHosted Managed Voice by BendTel

Unified Caller ID

Use your office extension as your caller ID on calls placed from your mobile device by enabling Unconditional Call Forwarding in your User Control Panel.


  1. From your mobile or desktop web browser, log into your user control panel at your company’s unique bHosted URL.
  2. Click Endpoint Settings. On mobile browsers you may have to touch the menu button on the upper left hand side of the web page to bring up this list.
  3. Under the call forwarding select "Unconditional" and enter the cell phone you would like to originate calls from. Touch or click elsewhere in the web page to apply the changes.
  4. In the upper right hand side of the page, touch or click the gear icon and select "Originate Call".
  5. In the "Originate call" popover, enter the number you wish to call in the "To:" field and touch or click the "Originate" button.

At this point, you should receive an incoming call on your cell phone. Once you pick up, the outbound leg of the call is established with your extension's DID as the outbound Caller ID.