UCP Phone

bHosted Managed Voice by BendTel

About the UCP Phone Feature

The User Control Panel phone employs WebRTC technology to help you work remotely. Calls made from the UCP phone appear to be from your physical office extension*. Calls made to your physical office extension also ring your UCP phone.

Making Outgoing Calls

In order to make outgoing calls you must have a microphone (of either the built-in or plug-in variety) enabled on your computer. The feature will not work without a microphone installed.

  • Log into UCP and look for the phone icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Note: The icon must be green in order for you to place a call. If it is yellow, click it and select Connect Phone from the drop-down
  • Select New Web Phone call from the phone icon's drop-down menu. The dialer will pop up in a corner of your screen.
  • Input the telephone number of the party you wish to call.
  • Press the blue Call button.
  • *Note: Calls made from the UCP phone display 99 ahead of your extension. If your extension is 123, your call ID will display as 99123.