System Recordings

bHosted Managed Voice by BendTel

System Recordings Overview

The System Recordings module (found under the Favorites menu in the Administrator Dashboard) allows for the management of built-in recordings and provides an easy-to-use interface for adding new recordings for IVRs, Announcements, Queues and so on. There are three ways to add System Recordings: uploading a file, recording within the browser, and recording over an extension.

Please Note: Additional assistance with the configuration & use of this feature is available by contacting BendTel support.

Adding/Editing a Recording

Within the System Recordings module, click the blue “+Add Recording” button in the upper left corner of the screen. There are three ways to create System Recordings:

    1) Upload a Ready-Made Recording Via the Control Panel

    This method assumes you have already created an electronic file of your greeting using external recording/editing tools. This method works both for adding a new greeting, and also for replacing a greeting that already exists on your system. Supported file types include WAV, aiff, alaw, flac, g719, g722, gsm, mp3, oga, ogg, sln, sln12, sln16, sln192, sln24, sln32, sln44, sln48, sln96, ulaw, wav, & wav49.


    2) Record Directly In the Control Panel

    If you have a microphone enabled on your computer, you can record a sound file directly in the Control Panel. This method works for both adding a new greeting, as well as for replacing an existing greeting.


    3) Record Via a Handheld Extension

    If you are replacing a greeting that already exists on your system, you can record via a hand-held extension phone. This does not work if you are adding a new greeting type into your system. Note that the system will call the extension you specify. Then upon hangup, you will be able to name the file and it will be placed in the list.