New Tech Center in Bend Enjoys Gigabit Bandwidth

Bend Tech CenterLocal entrepreneurs operating out of the BendTECH co-working space are now enjoying a blazing-fast Gigabit Ethernet connection, courtesy of BendTel Metro.

With a symmetrical Gigabit connection speed of 1,000 x 1,000 megabits per second – that’s 1,000 megabits per second whether uploading or downloading – the BendTECH center is the perfect place for tech professionals in Central Oregon to work, freed from any bandwidth constraints.

“BendTECH has one of the fastest internet connections in town thanks to BendTel. We are hitting 250Mbps bi-directional, which is what every tech professional dreams of,” says Tierney O’Dea, Manager of BendTECH.

The availability of Gigabit fiber-optic Internet connectivity provided by BendTel Metro greatly expands possibilities for businesses located along its newly constructed fiber ring in the Old Mill District & Downtown Bend, where businesses were previously constrained by limited bandwidth. “Gigabit fiber connectivity makes bandwidth limitations a thing of the past,” says BendTel CEO Tom Barrett. “It allows businesses to be more productive and fully utilize cloud computing for:

  • Cloud-Hosted Desktops
  • Extend Existing Applications
  • Data Backups – Disaster Recovery
  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Development and Test Environments

With a Gigabit connection, suddenly your business is capable of doing much more than you ever imagined.  Built using fiber ring redundant architecture means a cable cut won’t affect your service.”

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