Flexible Communication for Today’s Workforce

Flexible Communication for Today’s Workforce

Did you know that 58% of customer’s expectations aren’t met due to a company being unavailable by phone or email? According to NEC Corporation of America, now that so many companies are allowing employees to work from home, technical and social issues are on the rise. There are a variety of ways to enable staff to safely work from home while accomplishing just as much as if they were still in the office. In fact, many businesses are offering multiple options based on employee’s job roles or the level of features and functionality required.


• Choose a solution that matches an employee’s role
• Consider the security changes required to protect your employees and networks
• If possible, select tools that are already familiar to your staff
• Choose solutions that are easy to use and require minimal employee training


Desk phones – can be configured to work from home, providing employees the exact same experience at home as in the office.

Softphones – offer comprehensive calling capabilities on a laptop or PC, provide status visibility of remote employees, and masks a personal number with an office number.           

Wireless headsets – provide the freedom and comfort to move about in a hands-free environment.  

Unified messaging – automatically sends voicemails in a text or audio file format to an employee’s email.

Audio & video conferencing – are essential tools for holding group meetings and conferences.         

Remote features – are a simple way to never miss a call with find-me follow-me, call forwarding, distinctive ringtones, call routing, and mobile extensions.

Whether you run a small to medium-size business or a larger enterprise company there are a variety of communication solutions in the marketplace for remote workers. Integrating office phone systems with personal devices can create a competitive advantage for businesses as the latest technology available today will seamlessly keep your employees and customers connected.

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