BendTel’s Latest in Fiber Internet

BendTel’s Latest in Fiber Internet

When BendTel began designing our fiber infrastructure, it was based on feedback from local customers about what was missing from their existing Internet service.  By far, the biggest issue was reliability.  As a response to this, we designed our own flagship Carrier Grade “BendTel Metro” fiber product.  We were able to deliver maximum reliability and uptime with our geographically-redundant built fiber feeds to the Customer premise.  This was especially challenging, as the product was so unique that the industry did not have a ready-made technology that, as a carrier, we could purchase and deploy to our customers.   So, we took the current best of breed products and protocols and designed, from scratch, the best fiber optic Internet product possible.  Tailoring it especially for the Bend business market and offering it at a price that was disruptive to the local market.

Since then, we continue to build our fiber infrastructure specifically to take advantage of the most recent and upcoming technologies.  While the latest XGS-PON gear is still hot off the fabrication line, we are already testing it in preparation for deployment.  We will be integrating this into new areas of our fiber footprint expansion.  It will be purpose-built for ubiquitous distribution to commercial and residential customers alike. 

As a response to COVID-19 we’ve seen an increased demand for higher upload speeds in residential services to accommodate for remote learning and working. For some businesses, there has been an increased demand for symmetrical bandwidth services to cope with remote worker connectivity. While other businesses, such as restaurants, have made changes to their PBX systems and added additional phone lines to adjust to the increased demand for more carry out orders. 

Using our fiber optic facilities, the gold standard in data transmission mediums, BendTel offers high download and upload speed, extremely low latency, and almost unheard-of reliability on our best-of-breed equipment right here in Bend.  We also offer flexible network configuration to accommodate your business needs, dual-stack IPv6 connectivity, and of course local support from knowledgeable engineers and technicians who can customize a solution to fit your needs.

Originally published in the Cascade Business News 8/5/2020

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