Protect your business email from viruses and spam with SpamTitan.

SpamTitan – Advanced Email Filtering

BendTel is proud to offer SpamTitan advanced Spam and Virus filtering for email. Whether you host your own email server, utilize BendTel’s email hosting, or another 3rd party email host, we can provide you a top-notch filtering facility to stop spam & virus emails before they even reach your email server.

Features Include

  • Advanced Multi-Level Spam Filtering utilizing Reputation Block Lists, Bayesian Filtering, and sender volume analysis.
  • Dual anti-virus protections from Kapersky Labs and Clam AV
  • Executable attachment filtering
  • Email quarantining with emailed quarantine reports with actionable links within the email
  • Additional & optional integration for those with Microsoft ExchangeĀ® servers.
  • Per user white/black lists, filtering strength settings, and quarantine report settings
  • Domain administrator interface for monitoring domain-wide quarantine, message logging, and reports.

Pricing starts at $5 per month per block of 5 users.

Outbound Email Filtering

Outbound filtering is also available to help prevent your mail server from being black listed as a result of a compromised email password, virus or other unintended source of spam coming through your mail server.

Pricing for outbound filtering starts at $10 per month.

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