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Get crystal-clear call quality from BendTel - Bend Oregon's leader in business voice services.

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Crystal Clear and Reliable Voice Services

BendTel provides a full range of traditional and VoIP voice services: from single phone lines to multiple PRIs and VoIP. All voice services originate from the only locally owned and operated Class 5 switch right here in Central Oregon. Our services are built on a backbone of best-of-breed central office equipment so your business has guaranteed quality you can rely on. Call us and speak to a live person who will answer your communication questions.

  • BendTel has the Only Locally Owned and Operated Telephone Switch in Central Oregon
  • Traditional Phone Lines and VoIP Services with a Full Range of Features
  • bHosted Managed Voice Systems
  • POTS, PRI and E&M Wink Lines
  • VoIP Service and Trunks
  • Voice Mail and Fax to Email
  • Toll Free Services
  • Account Codes
  • Customized Configurations

BendTel’s voice services are provided by our own Class 5 telephone switch. We provide fully integrated solutions from the phone on your desk to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Even our VoIP service enters the PSTN right from our own switch.

We terminate traditional copper lines to state of the art telco equipment at our central office locations. VoIP services enjoy excellent quality through traffic engineering for the last mile connection and throughout our network.

BendTel excels at smooth migrations and fast turn ups. We have hundreds of years of collective telco experience and can handle every aspect of your configuration from your PBX to our switch. Call BendTel for a guaranteed streamlined conversion.

Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our products and services to specifically fit your needs and budget.

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Customized Service

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Jon and Marci at BendTel have been phenomenal in helping me get set up. I had searched high and low. And Jon gave me the customized service that I really needed for my small business. The upfront installation involved a few necessary steps that he walked me through and made sure to clarify along the way. I bundled my internet and phone service which gave me a better price than the previous phone system I had been using. And I am super glad that I could work personally with a local company instead of a corporate giant that is hard to reach over the phone. Thanks so much Jon and BendTel for this service in our community. You've made my day.:D

Flawless Internet

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The guys went above and beyond and the internet is flawless. Very grateful!

Highly Recommend

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We recently upgraded our service and phones. The crew was extremely knowledgeable, punctual and patient with questions. One installer, Trent, stands out as going above and beyond. Trent made sure all the hardware was “fine-tuned”, questions were answered, patiently instructed 3 people separately on system operation, and all surfaces were dust free. I highly recommend the professionals at BendTel.
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