Recording a System Greeting

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Overview of the Recording Process

Recordings can be created in one of three ways:

  1. Upload a ready-made file via the User Control Panel – click here.
  2. Record a file directly in the User Control Panel – click here.
  3. Record via an extension phone – click here.

Recording Instructions

1) Upload a Ready-Made Recording Via the Control Panel

This method assumes you have already created an electronic file of your greeting using external recording/editing tools. This method works both for adding a new greeting, and also for replacing a greeting that already exists on your system. Supported file types include WAV, aiff, alaw, flac, g719, g722, gsm, mp3, oga, ogg, sln, sln12, sln16, sln192, sln24, sln32, sln44, sln48, sln96, ulaw, wav, & wav49.

Click Here

2) Record Directly In the Control Panel

If you have a microphone enabled on your computer, you can record a sound file directly in the Control Panel. This method works for both adding a new greeting, as well as for replacing an existing greeting.

Click Here

3) Record Via a Handheld Extension

If you are replacing a greeting that already exists on your system, you can record via a hand-held extension phone. This does not work if you are adding a new greeting type into your system.

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